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Unveiling the secrets of scanning in soccer: discover how to reach full potential

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Top-tier outcomes in soccer skill enhancement

What you get

Quick-thinking players

Foster the dual development of physical health and cognitive skills in children

Competitive advantage

Enhance children's abilities to stand out and excel among their peers

Support aspirations

Encourage and cultivate sports abilities and passion within a safe and stimulating environment

The training solution every future soccer star deserves

We love to fuel the passion of young soccer players
Our soccer training solution is tailored for all, from budding athletes to college pros, boosting cognitive, physical, and technical prowess

Become a professional athlete

A-Champs’ training solution is designed to enhance the fine motor skills and decision-making abilities required to reach professional levels, thereby providing a pathway to an athletic career

Support health and fitness

A-Champs encourages a healthy lifestyle and physical fitness, both fundamental for a young athlete’s long-term well-being and performance in any sport

Secure athletic scholarships

Our technology enhances the competitiveness of young athletes, making them more attractive candidates for scholarships that can alleviate the financial burden of higher education

Ensure a well-rounded development

Beyond athletics, A-Champs supports cognitive development and teaches valuable life skills such as discipline, teamwork, and resilience, all of which contribute to a child's overall growth

Gain recognition and esteem

The advanced skills and superior performance cultivated by A-Champs can lead to local, national, or even international recognition, fostering pride and esteem within families and communities

Kickstarting is easy

Get your ROX & Rebounders

Choose from RebounderGo, or RebounderPro and select a set of ROX

Enjoy training anywhere

Fast-track skills and have fun with elite training methods

Embark on your pro journey

Boost your game: 800 reps and brain-boosting exercises in 45 minutes for unmatched improvement

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A-Champs soccer training solution: endless fun & continuous improvement

Combine RebounderGo & RebounderPro with ROX for dynamic training, elevating ball mastery and cognitive skills

The power of the ROX soccer development

Boost skills up to 30%


Gamified training

Transform practice into playtime and witness rapid advancement in soccer skills. Ignite friendly competition among teammates and friends using the real-time data from our app

Guided sessions

Advance from beginner to soccer pro seamlessly! Our app offers 100+ dynamic exercises crafted by professional coaches, ensuring a thrilling path to mastery with no prior soccer background needed

Time saving

Convert any space into your training ground! No more traveling—our portable system brings soccer practice to you, giving you more time for play

What you get

  • The ROX: select your preferred model ROX, ROXPro or ROXProX or get the RebounderGo bundle (ROX included)
  • The Rebounders: choose your preferred model RebounderGo or RebounderPro
  • Free app: 100 video-guided soccer drills plus create-your-own programs and sessions, based on a proprietary training methodology
  • The data: Track results, compete with friends, and observe progress

The soccer rebounder paired with the ROX offers an unmatched path to elevating your soccer performance to new heights.


Unique technology

Our Rebounders integrate seamlessly with ROX, transforming into interactive rebounders that record progress in real time

Easy to setup

Designed for convenience, it's easy to set up and transport, with rear legs that fold and unfold for effortless mobility, ensuring flexible training anywhere

Superior quality

The combination of natural rebound effect with premium materials for durable and realistic training

Free app

No hidden costs, just endless improvement. Tailored for all levels, the ROXPro app offers an extensive library of over 100 guided exercises