RebounderGo Bundle


RebounderGo together with ROX brings your Soccer training to the next level with a 2-in-1 function for ground- and air-rebounding. Integrated with ROX for high repetition training that boosts your ball control and cognitive skills.

Shipping in December


  • 1x RebounderGo board with 2 hinge legs
  • 1x adjustable holder for ROX 
  • 3x ROX
  • 1x travel charger with 4 adaptors

The Rebounder Go excels the effectiveness of your football training with up to 800 football specific movements in one hour.

The Rebounder Go allows you to have
4x more football specific actions compared to a traditional training and naturally train’s your scanning ability, preparing you for the real game scenario.

The Rebounder Go is portable, easy to carry and set up, weatherproof, and compatible with ROX and ROXPro models.


  • 2in1 function:
    • Ground rebounding for ground based passing
    • Air rebound passes for optimal ball control out of the air  
  • Portable with 2 handles
  • Easy set up
  • Professional rebound effect
  • Water- and weatherproof 
  • Integrated, adjustable holder for 1 x ROX/ ROXPro
  • Premium HDPE material

  • Anti-Slip construction 

  • Complies to EU harmful substances requirements

  • W 100cm x H 40 cm x D 45 cm

  • Weight: 15kg

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