Develop quick-thinking players

Discover the 3 Game-Changing Exercises to Boost Anticipation in Soccer Players

Enhance decision-making and sensory skills, elevating athletes from good to extraordinary

What you get

Sharpen perception

Finding effective methods that sharpen the real-time perception and interpretation of stimuli

Anticipate opponents

Improve players' ability to anticipate opponents' plays and make quick, accurate decisions

Make right decisions

Encourage and cultivate players' sports abilities and passion within a safe and stimulating environment

Discover the 3 Game-Changing Exercises to Boost Anticipation in Soccer Players

Arsène Wenger

Arsenal head coach from 1996 to 2018

"We analyzed how many times a player scanned his environment before getting the ball. The best players take 6 to 8 informations and the good players 4 to 6 times.

You have to educate players to get more informations with exercices in the youth development to favorize the scanning and taking information.

You can shape the players of tomorrow and how you can use in an important way the Science to develop soccer players"

Pep Guardiola

Manchester City head coach

"I wasn't quick, I never had the stamina to run for 90, I was not good in the air, I wasn't physically strong, I didn't dribble past opponents and I wasn't good tackler. However, I could pass the ball fairly well and I used my understanding of the game to make good decisions. Making the right decision in the right moment, that's the most crucial thing in soccer"

Toni Kross

Real Madrid legend

"To be a top midfielder [...] it's more important to be fast in your mind than with your legs, because you don't have that much time to run long spaces but you need to be fast in your actions to control the ball well and this gives you a lot of time"

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Finding it difficult to observe progress in your players?

  • Developing decision-making under pressure
  • Improving sensory and cognitive perception
  • Addressing limitations in anticipation and response to opponent actions

Develop fast-thinking players

Superior performance through cognitive-motor training

Develop anticipation & quick reaction

Through random stimuli (visual, auditory, and vibration), our solution trains players to improve their anticipation and reaction times, which are key to success in sports

Improve physical and cognitive performance

A-Champs employs interactive technology to enhance sensory perception and decision-making, thereby elevating both physical and cognitive capabilities in real-game situations

Distinguish your team with a cutting-edge training method

By adopting A-Champs, coaches can offer a distinctive and advanced training approach, standing out in a competitive environment and attracting talented players

Make training fun and engaging

Design game-like training sessions that are both fun and engaging. No soccer knowledge needed to start and see significant improvements. Crafted by experts, make soccer fun and easy for kids!

Effortlessly integrate technological innovation

Our solution is easy to implement and compatible with daily training routines, enhancing the outcomes and allowing for the smooth integration of advanced technology

Boosted mental acuity and sensory perception

Elite outcomes in soccer skill enhancement