The Best Soccer Rebounder

Raise pro soccer athletes


Cognitive training

When coupled with ROX, the rebounder transforms into an interactive training tool that enhances cognitive abilities such as scanning, decision-making, reaction speed, spatial awareness, and peripheral vision

800 repetitions

Achieve a remarkable 800 repetitions in a 45-minute session, enabling players to significantly enhance ball control, first touch, second touch, and passing within just a few weeks

Two-footed mastery

Challenge athletes to incorporate the weaker foot into the training regimen, fostering confidence and technique development to become proficient with both feet

Struggling to find the best soccer rebounder wall?

Conventional rebounders often fall short in replicating game-like conditions and lack innovative features:

  • Absence of a game-realistic bounce effect
  • Limited cognitive stimulation
  • No data tracking capability
  • Instability issues
  • Cumbersome to carry and set up

You deserve the best soccer rebounder to help your players improve

We are passionate about empowering athletes to reach full potential
Our soccer rebounders are designed for everyone, from world-class players and coaches to aspiring youth athletes, enhancing cognitive, physical, and technical performance

The best soccer rebounder for tech-driven soccer practice

The RebounderGo & RebounderPro bring soccer training to the next level with a 2-in-1 function for ground- and air-rebounding
Integrated with the ROX system for high repetition training that boosts ball control and cognitive skills

A-Champs has partnered with MLS Innovation Lab to drive new solutions to excel on soccer training. This collaboration aims to revolutionize the way players train, coaches strategize, and fans engage with soccer, combining cutting-edge technology with the science-based training content that allows young players to train like the pros.

The power of the best soccer rebounder

800 repetitions per 45min session


+23% reaction time

Enhance agility and responsiveness. Training with an interactive soccer rebounder wall improves reaction time and choice reaction

+30% visual perception

Boost visual skills. Regular use of an interactive soccer rebounder improves peripheral vision and general perception

4x soccer-moves

Develop good soccer habits. Interactive soccer rebounder training naturally develops habits to scan and be both footed

Getting started is simple

Get your soccer rebounder wall and ROX

Choose from RebounderGo, or RebounderPro and select a set of ROX

Train based on the latest science

Select from video-guided drills or create your own exercises

Reach full potential

The combination of the amount of repetitions plus the integration of cognitive stimulation brings to the next level

Dedicated to soccer players' success

Unmatched soccer rebounder performance and outcomes

Unique technology

Integrates seamlessly with ROX, transforming into an interactive rebounder that records player progress in real time

Easy to setup

Designed for convenience, it's easy to set up and transport, with rear legs that fold and unfold for effortless mobility, ensuring flexible training anywhere

Superior quality

The combination of natural rebound effect with premium materials for durable and realistic training

Free app

No hidden costs, just endless improvement. Tailored for all levels, the ROXPro app offers an extensive library of over 425 guided exercises

Cheers from our soccer rebounder community

Peter Vermes

Head Coach of Sporting Kansas City MLS

With this cutting-edge technology, we are better positioned to maximize individual player development as well as the overall potential of our team.

Walker Zimmerman

Pro Soccer Player, US MNT Player and defender of the year 2020 & 2021

ROXPro was an invaluable addition to my offseason training. It's so important to keep my head on a swivel to read the game.

Steven Carrera

Life International Management

A-Champs reaction training system technology is the future of soccer training. Nothing else out there compares to it. It fits into every soccer program, and all players' levels.

Leave bad investments behind

Spend your time on what matters

Enjoy your players' improvement


What you get

  • The best Rebounder board: choose your preferred model RebounderGo or RebounderPro
  • The ROX: get the RebounderGo bundle or select your preferred model ROX, ROXPro or ROXProX
  • Free app: 425 video-guided drills plus create-your-own programs and sessions, based on a proprietary training methodology
  • The data: assign results to your athletes and analyze performance in-app or through the cloud based dashboard

The best soccer rebounder combined with the ROX reaction training system is your best bet to achieve the next level of soccer performance increase.

Unlock the potential of your soccer players, elevate your coaching game, and embark on a journey to success.