A-Champs Partners with Valencia CF

A-Champs Partners with Valencia CF

Revolutionizing Youth Soccer Training:

At A-Champs, we are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership with La Academia VCF, the esteemed youth academy of Valencia CF.

La Academia VCF has been recognized as the fourth-best academy in Europe for player development aimed at competing in the top 5 European leagues, according to the latest report from the CIES Football Observatory.

This collaboration signifies a significant leap forward in utilizing cutting-edge technology to enhance the training and development of young soccer talents.


Innovative Technology at Ciutat Esportiva de Paterna

La Academia VCF has embraced our state-of-the-art equipment, including the RebounderPro panels and intelligent sensors, namely the ROXPro and ROXProX. These tools are set to revolutionize the technical training of young soccer players, combining cognitive stimulation with an element of fun.

Motivation and Scientific Precision

At A-Champs, we believe in two key advantages of our technology. Firstly, our system transforms training into a game-like experience, fostering motivation among players. Secondly, and most crucially, it is rooted in neuroscience, focusing on the perceptual aspects of player movements through the eyes and ears.

"Perceiving, processing, and reacting—our system aligns with the scientific principles that govern the players' cognitive-motor skills," explains Kilian Saekel, CEO and Co-founder of A-Champs.

Versatility in Training Options

Jordi Hidalgo, the identity methodology lead at La Academia VCF, emphasizes the versatility of the A-Champs system. It goes beyond physical training, incorporating technical and tactical aspects. Coaches can design circuits to monitor player progress throughout the year, conduct speed tests, and even work with players in rehabilitation processes.

Hidalgo attests, "The A-Champs tool, supported by software and a user-friendly app, allows us to track and analyze player data at various stages. The multitude of variables enables us to measure performance levels and compare results across different age groups."

Empowering Valencia CF with A-Champs Technology

Our partnership equips Valencia CF with six ROXProX, six ROXPro and four RebounderPro boards. This arsenal of A-Champs technology provides La Academia VCF coaches with a multitude of options for designing training tasks, reaffirming the club's commitment to staying at the forefront of sports training technology.

A-Champs Impact in the Sports Arena

With over five years of experience, A-Champs has established itself as a leader in developing devices to aid in the training and development of young athletes across various sports disciplines. Our technology is already embraced by top-tier European soccer clubs, including over 70% of Premier League teams and over 30% of Bundesliga clubs.

Performance, Engagement, and Data-Driven Decisions

In essence, the integration of A-Champs' system into the training regimen of La Academia VCF promises to elevate performance through next-generation cognitive-motor training, infuse enjoyment into sessions through gamification and competition, and empower coaches to make decisions based on comprehensive and objective data.

Stay tuned for an exciting era of youth soccer development, as A-Champs and La Academia VCF redefine the training landscape, focusing on performance, commitment, and informed decision-making.

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