Soccer passing drills: train at a pro level

Soccer passing drills: train at a pro level

There are so many soccer passing drills that you can practice to improve your passing accuracy. Practice makes perfect, and with this kind of training, you will become a more dangerous player on the field.

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Why passing accuracy is a soccer technique you need to master

Mastering passing accuracy will allow you to create more and better scoring opportunities, maintain possession of the ball, and move the ball around the field.

Our soccer rebounder can help you develop the accuracy to hit the ball with power and precision. It's an important skill for all soccer players, as it is crucial to create more scoring opportunities.


The best soccer passing drills to take your game to the next level

Soccer accuracy refers to the player’s ability to execute accurate passes, shots, and crosses during a game. It is an important soccer skill since, as you have seen, it can greatly impact the match outcome; accuracy in passing allows players to deliver the ball successfully to their teammates, maintaining possession and creating scoring opportunities.

Do you want to take your game to the next level? We are here to recommend you 5 of the best soccer passing drills for you to practice. Download our free app and be amazed by how much you can improve when using the best soccer training equipment.


1. Passing 2

For this soccer passing drill, you’ll need two more players. Place our ROX light training system in a line 3ft apart from each other. Start in the middle, 9ft away from the ROX. The other 2 players are positioned each 15ft apart to the left and right from the ROX setup. Player 2 stays in between the 2 red markings, and player 3 is between the 2 blue markings.

Once ROX flashes, go with the ball over the ROX and pass the ball to the corresponding player, depending on the color of the ROX’s flash. Then, the other player passes the ball back to you.


2. Pass receive and roll with one rebounder

Start around 10ft apart from the rebounder and make a pass when the ROX lights up. If the light is red, hit the ball with your left foot; if the ROX lights up in green, hit the ball with your right foot. When receiving the ball, make a first touch with your non-passing foot, then roll the ball across your body for your other foot to complete the pass.

3. Pass, receive with two rebounders at 90-degree angle

Start on a perpendicular point from the 2 rebounders, approximately 16ft from each rebounder (making an “L” shape). Hit the rebounder when the ROX is blinking in green with whichever foot you would like and don’t get distracted by ROX blinking in red!


4. Passing and receiving with 4 rebounders in a cross pattern (right and left foot)

Start in the middle of the rebounders, at approximately 6,5ft from each rebounder, and pass the ball at the rebounder with the blinking ROX. Use the right foot if the ROX blinks in red, or the left foot, if the ROX blinks in green.


5. Pass, receive and shoot with one rebounder

For this soccer passing drill, you only need one rebounder placed in front of the penalty spot.

Start at approximately 19ft from the rebounder and pass the ball; when receiving it back, adjust in with the right foot if the ROX was blinking in red, and with the left one if it was blinking in green. Now shoot the ball in the goal with that foot on that side, as you can see in the video above.


Why A-Champs Soccer Rebounder is your best training partner

A-Champs rebounders are a great training partner for soccer players because they can help you improve with specific passing, shooting and ball control drills. They can also help you improve your reaction time and anticipation skills.

A rebounder is a useful training tool for soccer players because it allows them to practice their skills smartly and practically. It is especially helpful for shooting and soccer passing drills, as you can perform many repetitions in a short amount of time. Also, a rebounder can help you get fast reflexes to make fast decisions in the field.


Final thoughts

Practicing soccer passing drills is not only a great way to improve your soccer skills, but it is also good to get your heart rate up and improve your cardiovascular health. The constant running, jumping, and passing required in soccer helps to strengthen your leg muscles, core, and upper body.

Soccer players need to be able to change directions fast and dribble the ball around defenders and be very accurate with the ball. These soccer passing drills can help you improve your balance, coordination, accuracy, decision-making and agility.

In our free app, you´ll find lots of soccer passing drills you can introduce into your daily routine. There are many possibilities with just one rebounder, especially if you practice with more players.

We always say it takes time to develop good skills. Be patient with yourself. Just keep practicing and you will eventually see improvement.

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