Reaction Training Lights

Lead your athletes to their full potential



Increase athletes’ performance with state of the art cognitive-motor training.


Add fun to your training with gamification and competition.

Objective Data

Make decisions based on objective training data, not opinions.

Struggling to see progress in your sessions?

  • Tired of old school training
  • Lacking athlete engagement
  • No data to take good decisions
  • No access to pro-level tools & methodologies
  • Stagnating training success

You deserve a training system that helps you to succeed

We are passionate about empowering coaches & athletes to reach top performance.

Our reaction training system is used by world class athletes & leading clubs to improve cognitive, physical and technical performance.


Game changing tech-based training reaction lights

The ROX system is the most advanced reaction training system on the planet.

It consists of training lights combined with sound, vibration, sensors and real time data to recreate real game scenarios. ROX represents a new era in performance training as it not only enhances physical and technical skills but also cognitive and cognitive-motor skills.


Transform your trainings with ROX reaction training lights


Mix & match

ROX reaction lights come in different models and with various accessories. Mix & match them to train perception, decision-making, hand-eye coordination, reaction time or any combination of cognitive skills in game-like scenarios.


With ROX personalization is paramount. Customize programs to the needs of your athletes and create your own exercises. Anybody with a brain and a body will profit, no matter the skill level. The power is in your hands to design your training program.

Real-time feedback

ROX reaction lights record any interaction, helping you to measure your athletes’ performance over time. And the real time feedback helps you to create competition between your athletes and to boost their motivation to work harder.

Getting started is simple

Order your ROX reaction lights training system

Download the free app and purchase your ideal combination of ROX training lights. There are no monthly fees, hidden charges, or subscriptions.

Pro level training

Use the intuitive app to explore our extensive library of over 425 video-guided exercises, or create your own programs or training sessions. All contents are developed by leading neuro and sports-scientists to make sure that you can deliver state of the art training sessions.

Lead your athletes to the top

We help you to shape them into champions. Elevate their skills, boost their confidence, and watch them reach new heights in their athletic journeys with ROX reaction training lights.

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Our commitment to excellence

Unparalleled quality and results

Easy to use

Effortless setup, intuitive use, and swift training integration.

Free app

No hidden costs, just endless improvement.

Superior quality

Proven & reliable tech packed in jet-fighter material.

Unique technology

Unique multi-sensory cueing with lights, sound and vibration.

Transforming athletic training

Forget about shouting colors


Step into a new sports era

Cutting-edge technology, innovative training methods, and a potential for remarkable improvement await you. ROX brings you elite level training at your fingertips.

Cheers from our community

Walker Zimmerman

Pro Soccer Player, USMNT Player and defender of the year 2020 and 2021

ROXPro was an invaluable addition to my offseason training. It's so important for me to keep my head on a swivel to read the game and help direct my teammates.

Laia Casals

Physiotherapist @laiacasals_fisiosteo

I have patients that can't lift their arms past shoulder height. If set up 2 ROX above shoulder height, 2 at shoulder level, and 2 at hip level, they can tap all of them. It's almost like magic to them.

Peter Vermes

Head Coach of Sporting Kansas City MLS

With A-Champs cutting-edge technology, we are better positioned to maximize individual player development as well as the overall potential of our team.

Ryan Harrison

Sports Performance Vision Trainer, Director NDV @ndvperformance

80% of all sensory information is through the eyes. Using ROXPro engages vision, perception and reaction skills to help make accurate decisions during play.

Ajamu Olaniyan

3x US Triple Jump Champion, 7x All-American Champion, CEO Top Flight Sports

The beautiful thing is that you can use in different ways for different needs. I use A-Champs ROXPro for different types of agility training.

Steven Carrera

Life International Management

A-Champs reaction training system technology is the future of soccer training. Nothing else out there compares to it. It fits into every single soccer program in the world, and different levels of players.

What you get

  • The ROX: choose your preferred model ROX, ROXPro or ROXProX
  • Free app: 425 video-guided drills plus create-your-own programs and sessions, based on a proprietary training methodology
  • The data: assign results to your athletes and analyze performance in-app or through the cloud based dashboard

The ROX reaction training system is your best bet to achieve the next level of performance increase.

Unlock the potential of your athletes, elevate your coaching game, and embark on a journey to success.


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