Soccer Training Lights

Improve cognitive-motor skills

Modern soccer requires players to perceive, process and react fast to external information.

ROX randomized soccer training lights replicates those in-game scenarios with light and sound signals and trains crucial soccer specific cognitive-motor skills.

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Track progress with A-Champs soccer training lights

Objective feedback: Track your performance, see your improvements and compete with your teammates and other players from all around the world.

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Head on a swivel

Scanning the soccer pitch is one of the most crucial soccer skills. However, it is hard to learn. ROX light and sound based soccer training naturally develops your ability to scan, improves your spatial awareness and turns your head into a radar.

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Pro level training at your fingertips

Access hundreds of soccer exercises, general fitness and rehab programs written by leading sports- and neuro-scientists. All accessible through the easy to use App.


Discover our interactive soccer training lights

Achieve up to 800 repetitions per hour and 4x more soccer-specific actions compared to traditional training

  • Naturally trains your scanning
  • Game-realistic rebound effect
  • Weatherproof
  • Easy to set up and carry
  • Compatible with ROX and ROXPro models


For ground based passing


Passes for optimal ball control out of the air

How it works

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Set-up your ROX & Rebounders

Easily place the RebounderGo legs, lock the ROX and position the rebounder facing up or down.

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Select your soccer training lights exercice with video soccer drills and open programs, all based on a proprietary training methodology.

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Analize your data

Objective data to measure and track your performance and compete with the world.

“To succeed in modern, fast soccer, strong cognitive, coordinative and visual skills are required. ROX offers a unique training solution to optimize those skills and is now an integral part of our training.”

STEFAN KOHFAHL, Managing Director Fundación Real Madrid Clinic Western Europe

"ROX from A-Champs, it's a device that has helped me a lot on my performance, coordination, reaction power, agility and other benefits that ROX brings. Thank you A-Champs team for the support, I'm very grateful. I'm sure ROX will continue helping me to thrive."

Eduardo Bauerman, Defender of Santos F.C.

"My ROXPro was an invaluable addition to my offseason training. As a center back, it is so important to keep your head on a swivel to read the game and help direct your teammates. And in modern soccer, reaction speed and quickness of thought has never been more important. I can't wait to try all of the different drills with the ROXPro app to take my game to the next level”

Walker Zimmerman, Pro Soccer Player, USMNT Player and defender of the year 2020 and 2021

“With this cutting-edge technology, we are better positioned to maximize individual player development as well as the overall potential of our team"

Peter Vermes, Head Coach of Sporting Kansas City MLS

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