GOAL STATION and A-Champs partnership

Goal station powered by a-champs for soccer training

GOAL STATION was developed in Europe by UEFA pro coaches and specializes in the design, development and creation of cutting-edge training facilities and products. Looking for ways to pursue new innovative ways to optimize soccer training, GOAL STATION sought out A-Champs’ cognitive-motor training system ROXPro to bring their training methodology to life.
“In our pursuit to find a technology partner that lives up to the standards of our elite level customers, we have evaluated and tested every reactive training system on the market. With A-Champs we found the perfect partner as it’s DNA is based on developing game-changing training-tech. A-Champs’ system is not only the most reliable and durable tech solution out there, it also offers unique multi-sensory stimulation.” says Steve Carrera, CEO of GS USA.

Goal Station powered by A-Champs ROX Pro interactive training system for soccer

GOAL STATION Powered by A-Champs recreates and simulates different aspects, scenarios, and game like situations to develop players and to provide coaches and athletes with objective, live performance data. At its core is the notion that every action that a player does on the pitch is based on what is happening around him/her. Thus, to get the edge it is not enough any more to train ball-skills, speed, agility and strength.

Players who want to reach their full potential need to optimize their so-called cognitive-motor skills like:

  • Perception,
  • Sensory Capabilities (Vision and Hearing),
  • Reaction,
  • Decision Making,
  • Concentration/ Alertness
  • Learning/ Adaptability.

GOAL STATION powered by A-Champs’ game-changing soccer training methodology trains exactly those areas with randomized sound and light signals.


GOAL STATION powered by A-Champs provides players and coaches with crucial data about the development and progress of each player, drill, rep, etc. Now strengths and weaknesses from specific skill sets to position specific training scenarios can be tracked and tackled

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