Soccer goalkeeper training: the best drills to improve your technique

soccer goalkeeper training

If you want to know how to improve your soccer goalkeeper training, today we´ll focus on the best drills to improve your technique.

Goalkeepers need to develop several different skills to be successful. For that reason, goalkeepers need to focus on developing their reflexes, decision-making, command of the box, and physicality. They also need to be mentally tough and able to handle pressure.


Why is soccer goalkeeper training so specific?

Goalkeeper training is so specific because the role of a goalkeeper is very different from that of any other player on the field. Goalkeepers can't use their hands outside of the penalty area and are responsible for preventing the other team from scoring goals. This means that goalkeepers need to have a very specific set of skills, including reflexes and other movements.


Movements you need to master

There are some movements you need to master for perfect soccer goalkeeper training.


Sprinting in soccer is a short, high-intensity burst of speed used to get to the ball, beat defenders, or score a goal. Sprints can be used in a variety of situations, for instance when a ball is loose, players often need to sprint to get to it before the other team. If we are speaking of a goalkeeper, sprinting is necessary to get to the ball before the other team can attempt to score.

You can improve your sprint with our Lights Out program and ROXProX.


Side-to-side position

As we said, speed is the key to being a good soccer goalkeeper, but it is vital to remember that it is also crucial to move powerfully both in a linear and a lateral way. Short-distance changes of direction should be a heavy part of a soccer goalkeeper's training to improve their reaction time during the game.



Many studies have shown that to perform the dive, the goalkeeper must move with great force and power during hip extension and ankle plantarflexion. That is why, to build complete and useful soccer goalkeeper training, we recommend paying close attention to the glutes and the calves, as these muscular groups are responsible for the diving movement and, therefore, for the success of the score-stopping.


High ball jumping

High ball jumping in soccer is the ability to jump high to control or clear a ball. It is a key skill for all soccer players, but especially for goalkeepers, defenders, and strikers. Pay attention to your legs while jumping to determine with which you are performing it, and choose training exercises with a little hip and knee movement range.


Dueling strength

Dueling strength for a soccer goalkeeper is the ability to protect the space within the penalty box with their body. The density of players trying to take that space varies depending on the different stages of a game, that's the reason why it is crucial to be ready at all times. In order to do so, a strong core and upper body are the key. 


3 of our favorite soccer goalkeeper training drills

Reaction lights are training equipment used to improve reaction time, so essential for a soccer goalkeeper. They typically consist of a group of lights programmed to flash at random intervals. The goal of the exercise is to react to the lights as quickly as possible.

Here are three of our favorite soccer goalkeeper training drills you´ll find in our free app that you can practice with your ROX System:


GK Technique 

The GK technique is a perfect way to improve your peripheral vision and your agility.

Use the straps to place one ROX in the middle of the goal top, and place the other lights making a triangle. The other player needs to be 30ft apart from you. Once the ROX starts to flash, run and tap it. Cath the ball, throw or kick it back to the other player, and go back to your position as fast as you can.


GK Change of Direction 1

For this exercise, you can be alone. It´s a simple way to practice the change of direction, an essential ability to have as a goalkeeper. Arrange 3 ROX into a triangle, start in the center, and run as fast as possible towards the flashing ROX, tap it, and return to your initial position before running again to the next ROX flashing.


GK Reaction speed 1

Again, you can practice this exercise alone. Place 3 ROX into a little triangle next to the goalie box. Run as fast as you can towards the flashing ROX, stop quickly before the ROX, go down expecting an imaginary shot without touching the ROX, and return to wait for the next ROX to flash again.


Final thoughts

 A-Champs develops and offers the best soccer goalkeeper training with different routines and training tools.

With practice and dedication, you can improve to become a winning goalkeeper. With all our gadgets, like our soccer rebounders or training reaction lights, your tactics and skills will improve drastically.  


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