Improve your soccer ball control with these drills

soccer ball control

If you want to improve your soccer ball control, you must practice regularly and have the best equipment to become the best player you can be.

Here are some tips and routines to improve your soccer ball control.


Tips for soccer ball control 

With regular practice, you can improve your soccer ball control and become a better soccer player. You must be patient and keep your eye on the ball at all times. 

Here are some tips for improving your soccer ball control


Change your pace

Changing your pace is necessary if you don´t want to be predictable to defenders.

The best way to change your dribbling pace is by carrying out ball control drills for soccer. A-Champ´s free app has many exercises and tools to help you develop this skill.


Protect the ball using your body.

Protecting the ball from the defenders is the key to becoming a better soccer player. As the defender gets close to you, ensure you shield the ball using your body and keep the ball away from the defender using the foot that is far from them.


Keep the ball close to your feet.

The benefit of keeping the ball near your feet is that defenders will face difficulty when trying to intercept the ball. Don’t let them get it!


Use both feet

Don't just focus on using your dominant foot. Practice using both feet so that you can be more unpredictable and have more options when on the field.



Juggling is a great way to improve your balance and coordination. It also helps you develop the muscle memory you need to control the ball in many different situations.

Focus on juggling, and your ball control skills will improve. 


Use a rebounder

Of course, practicing with a soccer rebounder can be a great way to improve your soccer ball control. It's a versatile tool that can help you improve numerous skills, including reflexes, passing, shooting, reaction time, and concentration.


Skills to master 

The more you practice, the better you will become at soccer ball control. But be patient, don't try to do too much too soon. Start with simple drills and gradually work your way up to more challenging ones.

Also, you can watch how professional players control the ball. Pay attention to their technique and how they use their body weight to control the ball.

Here are some skills to master to improve your soccer ball control. ¿Are you ready?



Passing is an essential soccer skill. It allows you to move the ball around the field and create scoring opportunities. A good passer can make accurate passes with both feet.

Practice passing and controlling the ball on different surfaces, such as grass, concrete, and sand. It will help you to become more comfortable with the ball in many conditions.


First touch

The first touch is the most important in soccer. It is the first time you come into contact with the ball after getting it. A good first touch allows to control the ball and keep it away from your opponents.

The best way to practice this first touch is by standing in front of a rebounder and practice passing the ball against it, and then, controlling the ball as it comes back to you.


Dribbling is the skill of moving the ball past defenders. A good dribbler can use a variety of moves to get past defenders and create scoring opportunities. Mastering this skill is the key to performing a high-quality game.


Best drills for soccer ball control 

Here are the best drills for soccer ball control you´ll find in A-Champs free app:


Pass, Receive, and Shoot with One Rebounder

This exercise helps you develop your ball control and your reaction speed. It´s also important to receive the ball with different body parts, depending on the pass and turn, strike the ball with the inside of the foot depending on your target. 

You must put one rebounder in front of the penalty spot. Pass the ball to the rebounder and, when receiving the ball back, adjust it on the right foot if the ROX light is red. If it´s green, do it with the other foot.

For this exercise, you don´t need the participation of other players.


Dribble, Pass Receive with two Rebounders

Again, you can practice this exercise on your own and improve your soccer ball control. Turn the ball using different techniques to get better at more skills.

Put both rebounders 40ft from each other. Also, you need to put four cones between the rebounders. Start in the front of the line of cones and dribble towards the rebounder that blinks in red. Once you do it, pass the ball with the right foot if ROX blinks red or with the left foot if it´s blinking green.


Pass, Receive, and Roll with one Rebounder

You can do this exercise without other players, just with our free app and one rebounder.

Point your toe up and your heel down to maintain the ball on the ground so that it doesn´t go high.

Make a pass when the ROX lights up. If it blinks in red, hit the ball with your left foot, if it blinks in green, do it with your right. When receiving the ball, make a first touch with your non-passing foot, then roll the ball across your body for your other foot and complete the pass.


A-Champs: your partner to become the best player you can be

A-Champs is your best partner to improve your soccer ball control. You must be patient and practice regularly. With our tips, training routines, and tools, like rebounders or reaction training lights, you can master your skills and become a better soccer player.


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