The keys to the best soccer agility training

The keys to the best soccer agility training


In A-Champs we care for players who can improve their playing skills with dozens of simple drills that they can practice on their own. That´s the reason why we have developed the best tools for it. A soccer rebounder can be an effective tool for soccer agility training. It´s perfect for athletes who are looking to improve their agility and quickness.

By incorporating a rebounder into their training regimen, they can develop better coordination, reflexes, and reaction times, all of which can contribute to better performance in soccer.

But also, we must talk about reaction training lights or, as we all them, ROX. They can be a highly effective tool for soccer players looking to improve their agility and reaction time on the field.


Agility and soccer performance

Agility is important in soccer because it enables players to change direction quickly, accelerate and decelerate, and move around defenders. This is especially important for attacking players who need to create space, beat defenders, and score goals. For defenders, agility helps them to stay with attackers and prevent them from scoring.

Overall, soccer agility training is a crucial aspect as it enhances the players' overall performance and effectiveness on the field.


7 drills for soccer agility training

Now, we’re going to show you some drills for soccer agility training, that you can practice easily with our free app and, mostly, on your own.


1. Point-Based Light Interaction Drill

This exercise is perfect to improve agility in dribbling. You must get as many points as you can. To do so, you must focus on scanning for the next flashing ROX. First arrange 3 ROX into a triangle, each 9 ft apart, and start in the center of them. The red ones are equivalent to 5 points, the blue ones to 1 point, and the green ones to 3 points. They will start to flash at the same time, and you have to run through the ROX with the ball at your feet, and go over the ROX with the ball. Think strategically to get as many points as possible.


2. Reaction Speed Training

If you are looking for an exercise that not only helps you to improve your goalkeeper technique but also helps you to improve your reaction time and peripheral vision, GK Reaction Speed 4 is the exercise that will suit you best. In this case, place the ROX in a triangle 6 ft apart from each other in a 45 degree angle to the left and right. You will be between the two on the long side, facing the one left. When the ROX to your left starts flashing, dive to the ROX in front of you only in the case it´s flashing, then return to your start position.


3. Maximal Acceleration and Deceleration Training

Coordination can often be difficult to improve, which is why Maximal acceleration/ deceleration 2 has been created. This exercise focuses on keeping the ball in motion, using strong arm drive and the use of quick steps in order to improve speed with the aim of improving the results of the game. Thus, Fit 3 ROX to a vertical pole 130 ft away and start your position at the cone with a ball. You have to pay attention to the color of the ROX. If it´s blue, run as fast as possible controlling the ball at the same time. If it´s red, stop as quickly and stand in that place. If it´s blue again, run toward the ROX until it changes colors. We recommend to repeat this exercise 10 times in order to get a perfect soccer agility training.


4. Soccer Agility Drill

This exercise is a great opportunity to improve the agility, the reaction time and the peripheral vision. To achieve good results, you need to know how the exercise works: Arrange 3 reaction training lights into a triangle, each 13 ft apart, with 6 cones spread out inside the figure. Start in the center of the triangle and run as fast as possible through the cones toward the flashing ROX and tap it, then return to your original position.


5. Change of Pace Training

The aim of this exercise is to improve agility and coordination but above all change of pace. To practice this exercise fix 3 ROX to a vertical pole, 130 ft away form a cone. Control your ball and when the ROX is flashing blue, make a sprint. When the ROX is flashing white, slowly jog towards the ROX, and when it’s flashing red, stop as quickly as you can and stand in that place. Now it’s time to repeat this 10 times.


6. Change of Direction Training Exercise

To get a better control of changing direction practice this exercise. Arrange 3 ROX into a triangle each 19 ft apart. Start in the center with your soccer ball. Run as fast as you can towards the flashing ROX, controlling the ball and dribbling over the ROX with your ball. Then return to your original position and wait for the next flashing ROX. If you start doing this exercise on a regular basis, you will start noticing a big transformation in your control during the change of direction, and therefore your game and results will be much better.



7. Ball Passing Drill 

One of the best drills to improve agility and ball control is Scanning 1. In order to achieve these goals you will need two more players and some colored cones. To optimize the results, you will need to place the ROX in a line 3 ft apart from each player. Once the ROX flashes, go with your ball over the reaction training light and pass the ball to the player who’s standing between the cones that you´ve placed before. If the ROX starts flashing red, pass the ball to player with the red cones, if blue, pass to player between the blue cones. Once you start to understand and practice this exercise you will start improving your scanning and your peripherical vision.


Rebounder, the key to the best soccer agility training

Soccer Rebounders are great for soccer agility training as they force you to quickly change direction and react to incoming balls. Working with a rebounder can help improve your footwork, coordination, reaction time, and overall agility. It is a fun and effective way to train agility for sports like soccer

Our rebounders allow a range of different exercises, from basic catching and throwing drills to more advanced exercises that involve jumping, twisting, and turning.

They can help soccer players to develop better body control and movement mechanics, which in turn can translate into improved performance on the field.


Final thoughts

Reaction training lights are small LED lights that are used to improve reaction time and agility in soccer players. They are commonly used in soccer training drills that require quick movement and decision-making.

The lights can be set up in various patterns, and players must react quickly and move in the direction indicated by the light. This type of training helps to improve coordination, agility, and speed, which are all essential skills for soccer players.

There are different types of reaction lights available on the market, our lights, the ROX, are controlled by our free app, which allows coaches and players to customize the training drills and track progress over time.

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