SOCCER TRAINR and A-Champs Partner to Develop Game-Realistic Soccer Training

SOCCER TRAINR and A-Champs Partner to Develop Game-Realistic Soccer Training

A-Champs and Soccer Trainr announced today a partnership in which Soccer Trainr, the U.S.-based soccer training development startup, will team up with A-Champs, the sport’s industry leader in sensor technology to improve player performance. Additionally, both companies will work together to develop game-realistic technical skill development drills based on interactive real game scenarios and situations that are repeated and tracked with sensor technology provided by A-Champs. This partnership comes at a time when the demand for game-realistic training from top clubs, coaches, and players throughout the world continues to rise, making it critical to deliver targeted data about athletes’ performance.


“We are excited to team up with Soccer Trainr. The experience and track record of the Soccer Trainr Coaches is incredible and their mission to help youth soccer players to achieve their full potential is 100% aligned with what we are doing. It’s great to see that we found a capable and passionate partner to help us revolutionise youth soccer training in the US.” - Kilian Saekel, Founder and Co-Owner of A-Champs

Soccer Trainr uses sensor technology provided by A-Champs to track actions of players so that they are able to improve their game. Each Soccer Trainr session is set up as a realistic simulation of live games, with fluid transitions from different game situations, changing dynamics as you move through training. One single Soccer Trainr session can contain up to 500+ different realistic game actions with instant feedback of player performance. This type of training will significantly enhance overall decision making, technical touch, and ability to play in 360 degrees.

The unique sensor technology captures movements tracking speed, acceleration forces direction & energy distribution during individual play or team play. Soccer Trainr will deliver a training environment that is interactive, realistic, challenging, fun and individually tailored.

Soccer Trainr is able to assess not only how many repetitions a player has done of each drill but which drills most need additional repetitions in order for players of all levels to advance their skills closer towards game specific outcomes. “I’m excited to start Soccer Trainr Kansas City to give athletes the best possible training experience. The game of soccer is always evolving and with Soccer Trainr Kansas City, athletes will be able to challenge themselves in ways that will help increase their awareness, speed of play and decision making to effectively keep up with this evolution of the game.” - Christian Duke Professional Player, Part-Owner of Soccer Trainr Kansas City. The first location will open in Kansas City with an expected opening date in the beginning of 2022.

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